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Our History

Ndoyenk Technology (Pty) Ltd’s headquarter in Kanzakana, uMsunduzi Rurals, KwaZulu-Natal and a regional site in Lacolien, Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Since 2012 Ndoyenk Technology has been specialising in providing services in the public and private sector, such as assessing, designing, installing and retrofitting mechanical and electrical equipment, including renewable technologies and implementing process improvements that use less energy, promote resource efficiency and improve building comfort while at the same time lowering the facility’s operating and maintenance costs.

Our Vision

Ndoyenk vision is to facilitating the adoption of sustainable innovative approach towards resources and energy utilisation.

Our Future

The future at Ndoyenk Technology realising participating in the reversal from the conventional consumption of million years created resources in just within a year without sustainability considerations.

Why Choose Us?

The new industrial developments has attracted innovations that entails implementation of the novel energy and resource saving/efficient use and various waste streams valorisation. The Ndoyenk Technology Team has invested much of the resources into developing innovations that will meet numerous clients needs in modification and developing their facilities to contribute in minimising acceleration of climate change.



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Malusi Mkhize

Consultanting Engineer

Liberty Gura

Senior Engineer

Simphiwe Hlongwane

Sales Executive

Jabulani Dlamini

Sales Engineer

Latest News

Anaerobic biodigester modular plant

Ndoyenk Technology is currently in agreement with CSIR’s Biorefinery Industry Development Facility (BIDF) to design, build and commission two, 1 x 1000 liter and 1 x 2000 liter modular biodigester plant for research and small-scale farmer benefiary.

The two setup are designed to evaluate rolling out a project entailing to provide modular biodigester for every house hold in the rural areas. This will substantially benefit rural communities since there has been challenges from national power supply that has resulted in the implementation of loadshedding. the biodigester will reduce power demand sice the biogs produced can be used for water heating (gas geysers), cooking, space heating/cooling, etc.

End-of-life polymer materials valorisation

Conventional thermochemical conversion technologies require high energy input. Instead of abandonig thermochemical conversion technologies due to high energy input requirements, Ndoyenk Technology has developed novel innovations. The Ndoyenk Technology Innovation entails using hybrid renewable energy resources to minimise energy input requirements

Drinking water and borehole water rehabilitation

Ndoyenk Technology is involve in facilitating new borehole drilling and rehabilitation of the old boreholes. It should be remembered that clean water is crucial for health and prior municipal establishments in the rural communities water collection from the mountains and borehole were used. With dying and expensive municipal services, Ndoyenk Technology has initiated a project to rehabilitate boreholes and use renewable resources and energy storage to ensure continuous pumping and supply of clean drinking water.